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LPG The Fuel of the Future

August 3, 2020

When LPG was discovered almost 110 years ago by Dr. Walter Snelling, little did he know the impact this fuel is going to create in the world. Today LPG is used to power up millions of kitchens across the world, to fire up the kitchens in hotels/restaurants to a barrage of industrial heating applications and even in automobiles as well.

Especially in industrial segment, where fuel requirements are exponentially higher considered to normal household or even commercial kitchen requirements. The interesting aspect to consider about LPG as an industrial fuel is that it goes an extra mile than saving big bucks on your pocket.

LPG is one of the fuels whose carbon dioxide emissions are much lower compared to other liquid fuels and even electricity. How electricity, you may ask. Well, it is simple. In India, a huge amount of electricity is generated from thermal power plants and not from renewable sources. Thus, if electricity is used for heating appliances in an industry, they are indirectly releasing even more carbon dioxide than the normal liquid fuel users.

Not only this, LPG has another set of advantages also compared to conventional fuels.

Reduced fuel cost: The calorific value of LPG is much higher than all the liquid fuels. This will create an advantage as to process more with less time. Considering the parameters of calorific value, heat transfer efficiency and unit fuel cost, overall LPG works out to be   less costly as compared other fuels.
Reduced Carbon Footprint:  LPG releases lower amount of carbon dioxide compared to other fuels. Thus, LPG promotes for a greener future in the long run.
Lower maintenance: LPG unlike liquid fuels enjoy a complete combustion that is closer to stoichiometric values. Thus, the combustion systems are free of soot and carbon particle formations. Hence combustion system (burners and furnaces) require less maintenance.
Higher productivity: Because of the better calorific value, the number of batches processed using LPG is substantially higher when compared to the same with liquid fuels; thus enhancing the productivity.
Better-finished product quality: The possibility of direct heating exists with LPG. This increases the heat transfer efficiency of the system thereby providing uniform heating to the batches resulted in better quality in the final product
The interesting fact to note here is that the above-mentioned qualities are nothing but the tip of the iceberg. Based on the application you are using the benefits of LPG varies. Customized and tailor made solutions for your industry is also possible with LPG as the fuel. To know more, submit an online enquiry to us.
Hence, based on the above facts we can conclusively come to the conclusion that LPG is a fuel is here to stay and stay it will for a long time even until the next decade.

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