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LPG – The Exceptional Kitchen Energy and It’s Benefits!

August 20, 2020

Liquefied Petroleum Gas-the name has been eponymous with the most used kitchen fuel for a very long time. We are so used to LPG that we have essentially forgot it’s importance. I would like all of you to imagine something. Imagine a world without LPG. That was what it was before 1910.

Think of a world where cooking used to take the maximum time off your day and the rest is spent washing the soot off the vessels. Unimaginable right? LPG has literally swooped in to save the day right from preparing food in time to making sure you are safe & healthy.
How LPG became the preferred fuel compared to others? If you are still pondering over this question, additional benefits are also there. Check out some of the benefits below.
LPG is efficient: The amount of LPG spent to heat one cauldron of water is substantially less than wood or other fuel to boil the same one cauldron of water. This is because of the higher calorific value with LPG.
LPG is safe: Compared to conventional fuels like wood, LPG is very safe. How? LPG flames do not produce tinder like that of wood. In addition, wood flame is uncontrollable, but LPG flames are controllable.

LPG is portable: LPG is easily portable compared to wood for precisely one reason. The power it packs in one cylinder. LPG is easily liquefiable under the application of moderate pressure and when it converts one drop of liquid LPG expands 250 times to become vapour LPG offering more energy. One cylinder of LPG can be easily transported but a similar amount of energy using wood might require a truckload.

LPG is clean & environment friendly: There is no argument in this case as there is virtually no emission or smokes or soot generated with LPG as compared to the smoke screen that engulfs you in kitchens using wood.

LPG is the healthier option: There is a strong reason as to why we are advocates of LPG in the kitchen. 4.3 million People die a year from indoor air pollution across the world. One of the major contributors of indoor air pollution is the solid fuel like wood used for cooking. They generate so much residues and smoke, leading to premature deaths. However, LPG on the other hand is so clean and efficient that it leads to healthier and longer life.

So in short, we can conclude that, LPG leads to improved health, more safety and greatly reduces time spent in gathering solid fuels like firewood.

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