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How LPG Benefits Heat Treatment Application

July 19, 2020

Heat treatment is the process where a metal is heated or cooled to a specific temperature to alter the physical or even chemical properties of the material. It’s a critical operation requiring the right amount of temperature. Thus, the right fuel, which offers precise temperature control, have to be chosen after much deliberation.
There are many fuels ranging from solid fuels like wood to liquid fuels like HSD, LDO to gaseous fuels, but the most viable fuel is LPG.  LPG, the most common kitchen fuel is humble yet powerful. So, how does LPG fit your heat treatment like the right sock, you may ask. Well, check out the below points to understand why LPG and that too SUPERGAS LPG in particular had always been the right fuel from the beginning.
Cost effective: Saves fuel cost from 10% to 35% based on your current non-LPG fuel. That’s a strong number to consider as it brings down your overall operating cost reflecting positively in the company’s balance sheet. In short, LPG is the pathway to more profits, more dividends and ultimately happier stakeholders.
Low Sulphur content: Low Sulphur content in our LPG largely improves end-product quality reducing oxidation thus reducing scaling loss as compared to liquid fuels.
Higher heat transfer efficiency: Since LPG has a higher calorific value and is gaseous in nature, it produces clean, soot-free flame enabling complete combustion.
Low Maintenance Cost: Since LPG is a fuel with low Sulphur content and it enjoys complete combustion, there is relatively no soot formation or scaling in the machinery. This substantially reduces maintenance cost and cleaning time, thus optimizing operational time. This also enhances the furnace life in the end.
Produces less pollution: Because LPG produces less amount of carbon dioxide when burnt, the amount of pollution compared to liquid fuels is drastically reduced. This is a greener solution compared to the conventional fuels.
There are more sets of advantages for LPG in a critical application like heat treatment. Switching to LPG for the same costs less both in terms of fuel overheads as well as environmental impact.
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